About Christine Leman

Rock, Funk, and a bit of Latin Vibes!

Singer-Songwriter Christine Leman mixes Soul and American Blues with Vintage Rock, loving melody and catchy guitar riffs. With a powerful Soul voice, she tells stories about individual characters, modern life, and worldly themes, such as climate crisis and politics. Charming and thoughtful.

She accompanies her Singing by E-Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and Jazzy Piano. On stage, she performs with her band, as well as Solo with a 3-channel looping station.

Christine Leman is a German Blues- and Rock-Singer, Songwriter, and Composer.
Leman plays Acoustic Guitar and E-Guitar as well as the piano. As a child, she learned playing accordion.

In 2020, she released her first album DO A BARREL ROLL. A Bluesy E-guitar, Funky Hammond organ, and Latin percussion define the sound, with Gospel like backing vocals and Groovy Bass guitar riffs.

Her latest album DANCING TO MY SYMPHONY tells about life, its challenges, the joy to simply be in this world, and that finally - life is what we make out of it, isn't it? Leman arranged her songs again with Rock-Blues E-guitar, light-weight latin percussion, and a little bit of Soul from Gospel vocals.

For all songs in both albums, she wrote the lyrics, composed, and produced the recordings herself.


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